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Friday, August 5, 2011

Sally's Seafood on the Water is just outside the Grand Manchester Hyatt in San Diego, Ca. where I'm currently staying for the BlogHer '11 conference thanks to the awesome people of Accentuate Services and Twin Trinity Media. This little restaurant oozes with warmth, subtlety and ambiance.

I arrived at Sally's just as the sun was setting in California over the marina. I was promptly greeted by friendly staff who seated me outside where I wanted to be. A water was placed at my table and the waitress, Mandy quickly came to ask what I wanted to drink. I decided since I was going to eat seafood that a white wine would be sufficient. I told her to pick for me. She brought me a lovely white that complemented the dishes I ordered. I don't know how she did it before I ordered, but it worked.

I perused the menu which had lots of wonderful, mouthwatering dishes. I settled on miso soup and sushi rolls, specifically the California Sunset rolls. It was fitting for my first night in Cali sitting by the water in the soft flame lit atmosphere of Sally's. The first think to show up with fresh, hot bread. There was a variety of breads that were steaming. The bread was served with sweet corn chipotle butter and if you have never had this brilliant little concoction to put on your bread, you are missing out plain and simple.

Then my soup arrived. Hot, steaming delicious miso soup. But that wasn't the best thing I ever ate. Soon a beautiful little square plate arrived with my rolls. I adored the plate. Presentation means a lot and I want these square dishes for my house. Mouthful bites of sesame rice wrapped around seaweed, cucumber, avocado, and snow crab were beautifully arranged on the plate with takimi and wasabi on the sides. I lifted one of these little suckers and went for it. It was divine. All the flavors worked to enhance each other without detracting from the crab. I tried the wasabi, but it was a little to hot for me. I'm weak when it comes to spicy stuff. But it was still delicious.

If you ever come out to San Diego take a trip over to Sally's. The people are awesome and the food is divine. I give the restaurant a 5 star rating in everything from class to food. I felt like a star because of the wonderful staff and the price tag didn't harm my wallet at $20 for soup, rolls, and wine. I highly recommend Sally's!


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