Xigua better known as Watermelon

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Xigua is a common melon found in Africa. It has a hard rind that can be yellowish to green and has a soft fleshy inside that is pink and edible. American's refer to Xigua as watermelon. We eat it often and in abundance especially in the summertime. Why the fruit's name was changed is anyone's guess. Perhaps, Xigua is too hard to pronounce or maybe watermelon describes the fruit in the most sufficient way.

Some odd facts about Xigua (watermelon):
Xigua is 92% water, 6% sugar (probably the reason it is called watermelon!).
Xigua seeds were found in the Pharaoh Tutankhamun's tomb suggesting that the fruit was grown in the Nile Valley in 2000 B.C.
44 U.S. States grow watermelon for commercial use.
There are over 1200 varieties of xigua fruit available in the world.


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