Special K meal bars and a new diet plan

Friday, August 7, 2015

It has been a while since I updated this blog. But since there is an upcoming BlogCon that I'm going to attend I thought it would be worthwhile to start updating my blogs. So onto the news:

For the past week I've been attempting the Special K challenge. The challenge is to replace two meals a day with either a bowl of cereal or meal bars. I'm not much of a cereal or breakfast eater so I chose to replace breakfast and lunch with Special K meal bars. They are pretty good. I've tried three different flavors and so far my favorite is the strawberry one. The problem I am facing is that after 3 days all the flavors started tasting the same. I doubt I can keep up with this type of diet. I feel like I'm limiting myself and not eating enough although I don't feel hungry.

I am going to continue to eat the Special K meal bars for breakfast. It is better than not eating anything at all. I have also cut out some of my soda consumption. It was a lot. I drink a lot of pepsi or coke and not enough water. I am trying to wean myself off of it. I am also starting an exercise routine, increasing my water intake, and trying to make healthy choices for food. Hopefully all these small things will add up to me meeting my weight goals.

I'm also hoping I don't make my family suffer too much from new recipe attempts. They shouldn't even notice since I plan to take things that I normally use and just make them healthier like using low-fat sour cream, reduced fat cheeses, and olive oil instead of vegetable oil.


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