Cucumbers! Cucumbers! Cucumbers!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A friend at work has a garden. Her husband has an amazing green thumb. Seeds that were supposed to be gerkins grew into rather large cucumbers that she shared with the office staff. I was lucky enough to snap up four of these robust cucumbers before everyone else got to them. I measured the giants when I got home. Each cucumber measured in at 16 inches!

What does a girl do with 4 extra large cucumbers? 
Make lots of cucumber recipes! 

I have decided on creamy cucumber salad, cucumber tomato salad, cucumber sandwiches, and cucumber hollows filled with creamed cheese. The kids are going to be forced to take a bite of everything and tell me what they think. Kid opinions are often the best because they don't mind saying "I don't like it." 

Recipes to come!


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